SidneyBlake Richardson

Several have asked how to help with his headstone! We felt it was best to reactivate his original GoFundMe so new friends could read his story! Thank you so much for helping! It means so much to us!
This would be the best 5th Birthday gift EVER!!



I will be posting more details & updates here soon!
This little monkey holds every single item of SidneyBlakes, his only outfit he wore, his hats, his hospital bracelets, his only blankets, a matching blanket that I buried him with & a matching toy I buried him with, his blood pressure cuffs & a clean diaper matching the diapers he wore. This is all I have of him left here & to me this monkey is as close to him as I can be.


SidneyBlake is the infant son of Jack and Amanda Richardson, he was born at Memorial Health in Savannah Ga, After his mamas water ruptured prematurely at 25weeks, on August 5, 2015- He fought really hard for 33 hours before he left his mamas arms & this world to entered back unto the arms of his maker, Jesus. Our hearts were broken but he left such a impact here that I started this website to raise awareness to pProm (PreTerm Premature Rupture of Membranes). I had a SCH Bleed at the beginning of my pregnancy with SidneyBlake and apparently that raises your chances of pProm or PROM.

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